Wednesday, 19 April 2017

NBA Prayers for 23rd April - Rowley BC (near Consett)

Give thanks for new faces at our Castle-Siders (messy church) children and mothers. For people interested in worshipping with us and one person who joins with us every Sunday now, that he will know the  joy of the Lord and be happy in our fellowship.


Please pray for a Mission weekend planned for 16-18 June with an NBA mission team and the promise of local help. For positive response as we reach into the community.

Monday, 10 April 2017

NBA Prayers for Easter (16th April)



Let's give thanks...
·         For this special time of year as we focus on the greatest turning-point in human history, the basis of our hope and faith in the death and resurrection of Jesus.
·         For all that God has achieved for us at his own cost through sending his beloved Son into this world for us to be our sacrifice.
·         For opportunities to proclaim the Good News that Jesus is alive, death has been conquered and evil decisively defeated through what happened on that first Easter Sunday.  As this is often a time when new Christians are baptised, give thanks and pray for any whom you know who are committing their lives to God through baptism today, and for the witness of this act.


Let us pray...
·         As we begin the 'Fifty Days of Good News' period that every one of our NBA churches will find ways of engaging in evangelism over the coming weeks.
·         That God will grow in us a greater confidence to share the Good News in word and deed and give us a renewed excitement over the Gospel.
·         For all of our churches, but especially those which find it hard to engage in sharing their faith beyond their own membership, to have the boldness in their evangelism to be creative in fresh ways, to take greater risks, to get out of their buildings and into their communities, and to draw upon more of the power of the Holy Spirit.


Can I take this opportunity to wish every one of our churches a most blessed Easter, and to encourage you to be intentional in engaging in some form of evangelism over the coming fifty days... and beyond! (and on FB and YT)

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

NBA Prayers for 9th April - Silksworth IM Church (Sunderland)

Thank God:

For the parents who have taken up the challenge of running our thriving toddler group.
For the increasing numbers in the after school club ("Stay & Play") and the Youth Group ("Detonate").



For our Minister Alan, who has been unwell for some time, and also for his family. We pray for a swift diagnosis and treatment to aid his recovery and return to full health and strength.
Members in our fellowship with health issues and other concerns.
For the Church as we strive to engage with the wider community. Strength and protection for those involved in the work.
For wisdom and discernment in encouraging children, young people, and their parents to commit their lives to God and His Church.

Minister: Alan Bickle

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

NBA Prayers for 2nd April - Oxford Road BC (Hartlepool)

Please pray:


For our minister, Richard Hetherington, and wife Susan, as they continue to lead the church.  We give thanks for their service and look forward to their future ministry.


That new helpers can be found for the long running Toddlers group and its twice weekly outreach to young families.  A number of staff are due to retire in the summer.


for the leadership and work of the ORB Centre, as we continue to welcome the community into the building during the week to participate in various support activities.

Minister: Rev Richard Hetherington (and FB)

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

NBA Prayers for 26th March - Billngham BC

1. We thank God that we have seen our youth work develop over the past couple to years. We now have a group of about 14 teenagers who twice a month come together to study the Bible and share in the life of the Church. We give thanks for their questions and insights into the things of God and pray that God will help them to grow in Christ and, for those who have yet to make a commitment to Him, come and trust Jesus as Lord of their lives.

2. We run a Chatty Café every other week at the Church, and it is has been good to see a group of men and women from outside the Church come along. The conversations have been good, and it has led us to showing the videos entitled "The God question", which look at the arguments for and against God. We give thanks for the good number who come along and pray that, through their questioning and our witness, they will come to know Jesus as Saviour.

3. Like most Churches, we have a large proportion who are in their retirement. In fact we have 6 members who are now in their 90's, most of whom are still living in their own homes. We give thanks for their long lives and their faithfulness to God and His faithfulness to them, over many decades. We uphold them in prayer as their lives here draw to a close and they prepare to go to be with their Lord and Saviour. We also pray that God will bring others to faith to replace them so that our witness to Jesus Christ in our community might continue.

Pastor: Rev Alistair Jones (and FB)

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

NBA Prayers for 19th March - Darlington BC

Two churches, the Baptist Tabernacle in Corporation Road and the church at Grange Road are merging to form Darlington Baptist Church. So far as we can be before the official merger, now planned for September, we are one church.

Give thanks:
·    that our two congregations have readily become one, in both heart and mind
·    for the continuing numerical growth, including more children
·    for new ventures, such as Messy Church and our Book Club and for the flourishing existing ministries
·    that our buildings are used for activities involving those with dementia, mental health issues and motor diseases such as cerebral palsy 

Please pray:
·    for Rodney, as he leads and guides us though our rebirth pains
·    for Mel Ithurralde, as he takes up the reins of Secretary-Elect
·    for discernment, as we begin to think about someone who might be appointed to work with Rodney
·    for the strength to survive the endless and increasingly expensive red tape, seemingly designed to prevent rather than encourage merger

Pastor: Rev Rodney Breckon (and FB)

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

NBA Prayers for 12th March - Grange Road BC (Jarrow)


·                     For the advice and guidance of our Moderator, Rev. Robert Muir.

·                     For the various community groups that hire our Church Hall and that they continue to reach out to the local community.
·                     For the success of our Coffee Stop which is help each Wednesday and Friday morning and is well supported by local people.

·                     That we shall soon be blessed with a new Minister for Grange Road who will continue the Lord's work here.
·                     For more Church volunteers in order that we can maintain our Church life.
·                     For members suffering from ill health and those who care for them either at home, in care or in hospital.