Wednesday, 22 March 2017

NBA Prayers for 26th March - Billngham BC

1. We thank God that we have seen our youth work develop over the past couple to years. We now have a group of about 14 teenagers who twice a month come together to study the Bible and share in the life of the Church. We give thanks for their questions and insights into the things of God and pray that God will help them to grow in Christ and, for those who have yet to make a commitment to Him, come and trust Jesus as Lord of their lives.

2. We run a Chatty Café every other week at the Church, and it is has been good to see a group of men and women from outside the Church come along. The conversations have been good, and it has led us to showing the videos entitled "The God question", which look at the arguments for and against God. We give thanks for the good number who come along and pray that, through their questioning and our witness, they will come to know Jesus as Saviour.

3. Like most Churches, we have a large proportion who are in their retirement. In fact we have 6 members who are now in their 90's, most of whom are still living in their own homes. We give thanks for their long lives and their faithfulness to God and His faithfulness to them, over many decades. We uphold them in prayer as their lives here draw to a close and they prepare to go to be with their Lord and Saviour. We also pray that God will bring others to faith to replace them so that our witness to Jesus Christ in our community might continue.

Pastor: Rev Alistair Jones (and FB)

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

NBA Prayers for 19th March - Darlington BC

Two churches, the Baptist Tabernacle in Corporation Road and the church at Grange Road are merging to form Darlington Baptist Church. So far as we can be before the official merger, now planned for September, we are one church.

Give thanks:
·    that our two congregations have readily become one, in both heart and mind
·    for the continuing numerical growth, including more children
·    for new ventures, such as Messy Church and our Book Club and for the flourishing existing ministries
·    that our buildings are used for activities involving those with dementia, mental health issues and motor diseases such as cerebral palsy 

Please pray:
·    for Rodney, as he leads and guides us though our rebirth pains
·    for Mel Ithurralde, as he takes up the reins of Secretary-Elect
·    for discernment, as we begin to think about someone who might be appointed to work with Rodney
·    for the strength to survive the endless and increasingly expensive red tape, seemingly designed to prevent rather than encourage merger

Pastor: Rev Rodney Breckon (and FB)

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

NBA Prayers for 12th March - Grange Road BC (Jarrow)


·                     For the advice and guidance of our Moderator, Rev. Robert Muir.

·                     For the various community groups that hire our Church Hall and that they continue to reach out to the local community.
·                     For the success of our Coffee Stop which is help each Wednesday and Friday morning and is well supported by local people.

·                     That we shall soon be blessed with a new Minister for Grange Road who will continue the Lord's work here.
·                     For more Church volunteers in order that we can maintain our Church life.
·                     For members suffering from ill health and those who care for them either at home, in care or in hospital.

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

NBA Prayers for 5th March

Give thanks

Inductions of Julie Price at South Shields, and Mark Hubbard and Jon Edwards to shared ministry at East Cleveland and South Bank

A good refreshing Ministers' Conference, shared in part with ministers from the Yorkshire Baptist Association

The generosity of our churches in supporting Home Mission and BMS



Pray for

Preparations for Easter events, vigils, marches of witness, services and other celebrations and outreach events

The NBA and BU Councils who have meetings this month, that they will know the guidance of the Holy Spirit in all their deliberations

Lynn Fletcher as she delivers Level 2 Safeguarding Training over the next few weeks (more details can be found on the NBA website)

The challenging financial situation facing our Baptist family

Prayers provided by Rev Dr John Claydon
NBA website: (and FB)

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

NBA Prayers for 26th February - Beacon Lough BC (Gateshead)

Give thanks for:

All the regular weekly activities that continue to grow and all the dedicated helpers and leaders.

Prayer for Gateshead initiative with other local churches working well.

Small signs of growth in the Sunday morning congregation.


Pray for:

God's leading and direction as we continue to connect with our local community.

God's blessing on our plans for Easter and other outreach activities.

Continued good health and well-being for our more senior members, while covering with prayer those known to the church family with long term health issues.

Pastor: Rev Bob Adams (and FB and Twitter)

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

NBA Prayers for 19th February - Hetton Independent Methodist Church

·         Good numbers of Young People attending Sunday School and Church Services
·         Contact with the local community

·         Gill Tweddle accepting the call into the Ministry


·         The numerous instances of ill health in the church
·         For the conversion of our Young People and the impact they could have on their families and our community
·         For Gill Tweddle as she is commissioned as a Minister and the calling that God has in store for her.

Church President: Shaun Newton

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

NBA Prayers for 12th February - Coulby Newham BC (Middlesbrough)

Giving thanks for

·         We have recently found out that we have been awarded a large grant of £55,000 to refurb and transform our run down community building into an amazing space for all our projects to run from and giving loads of new scope for starting new projects in the future. There will be massive changes happening including a café area and moving walls (very fancy). So we are crazy excited and now busy getting quotes and finalising plans.

·         We are about to welcome in 9 new members this month and they are all wonderful and we are really excited about them joining God's mission with us at CNBC and taking on our family values. We also have two new believers who are doing Baptism prep with us. 

·         Growing financial stability. A couple of years ago we were looking at some serious financial problems, but now with some amazing support from Home Mission and a whole bunch of plans and visions coming together, we are now in a much more solid position. Can't tell you how thankful we are for this.



·         Please pray for us as we meet with and book contractors for the building work; we really want the right person to work with on these plans, as we only have 1 shot at getting it right. Grants like this don't come around very often.

·         Please pray for the Church and Stephen as 2017 will be Stephen's 7th year at Coulby and he is due a sabbatical at some point this year. Please pray for the right dates, the right focus for Stephen during that time, and for the Church to thrive under the different leadership over the 3 months he is away. 

·         Church Unity in Middlesbrough and Teesside to grow stronger and more effective in mission. Stephen has been a part of a network of local church leaders developing unity and mission together in the town and we sense that this is something that the Holy Spirit is leading and it will shape how Jesus' Church grows and expresses mission over the next few years. 

·         Pray that in all that goes on during 2017 we at CNBC keep the first things first and we grow in our depth of relationship with Jesus and our kingdom living. Pray that the Kingdom grows in Middlesbrough, please.

Pastor: Rev Stephen Sutton (and on FB and Twitter)