Wednesday, 18 January 2017

NBA Prayers for 22nd January - Whitley Lodge BC (Whitley Bay)


1.       For the arrival of our new minister Paul Richards, for the level of agreement we found in his appointment and in arranging a manse. Looks like things are coming together.

2.       Well received services over Christmas, including the carol singing session in our local pub.

3.       Our street pastors have some great testimonies about the Lord leading them to people whose needs they have been able to meet. 



1.       Please pray for our activities, light bite and banter, good news club, women together and our regular Sunday morning services.

2.       There are a number of ongoing prayer items in which we need to see a break through (sorry we can't be more specific than that).

3.       And of course, please pray for Paul, and his wife Lynn, as they get to know us.

Minister: Rev Paul Richards (and on Facebook)

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

NBA Prayers for 15th January - Owton Manor BC (Hartlepool)

Looking back to 2016, with thanks:

First: an excellent weekend of celebrations for the churches 60th anniversary in October, with Dr Steve Brady.
Second: The four Baptist Churches in Hartlepool had a really good Christmas Meal and Family Outreach, with John Archer, at the beginning of December.

Praise God with us for what has been.

Looking forward prayerfully to 2017: 
First, we need to do an unexpected major repair to the church roof.
Second: The leaders of the four Baptist Churches in the town have a meeting at the end of January, with John Claydon, to discuss how we might continue to work together in the town to support each church in ministry and mission.

Pray with us for the future, in God's hands.

Minister: Rev Maurice Mathison

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

NBA Prayers for 8th January - Durham City BC

Give thanks for:-

The Christmas period, and the opportunity the church had to share the good news in various ways over that time. 

A grant that the church has received which means much needed work can be carried out on the church car park. 

The continuing good work with children and young people. This consists of a group called Heroes, this is for primary school children; last term around thirty attended each Tuesday. Girls Brigade has over thirty girls on the register; the age range is from 5 to mid 20's.  The youth group ('The Edge') has around 6 members.


Pray for:-

The church as it seeks to continue to develop and deepen its prayer life.

Many in the church who work hard and often feel pressurised as they seek to fit in all that they feel called to do.  Pray for wisdom so that everyone would make wise decisions on what to do and what not to do.

The church as it enters a new year with all the potential possibilities for serving God.  Pray that as we discern the mind of Christ we will be led.

Minister: Rev Ronnie Wynd

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

NBA Prayers for 25th December - Celebrating the Incarnation

Today we celebrate the greatest gift of all – God giving us himself through the birth of his son Jesus.  May our churches be filled with joy and hope this day, even in the midst of the uncertainties and threats facing our wider world.


Give thanks
·         For the awe-inspiring truth of the incarnation, of God becoming human, of his loving commitment to this world and to our salvation through Jesus.
·         That our wider culture still gives time to remember and recognise Jesus and our Christian heritage at this time of year, compared to any other season.


·         That as churches we will take inspiration from the incarnation in our mission, and find ways of getting out into and amongst our communities to share the life of God with people in deed and word.
·         For an opportunity this week to share the Good News of Christmas with someone, in word or in deed.
·         For those in your community for whom Christmas is a difficult time, through bereavement and loss; poverty; ill health or living through difficult circumstances.  Pray for opportunities for our churches to share something of the light and life of Christ through caring for those in need during this season.

Supplied by Rev Paul Revill

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

NBA Prayers for 18th December (Advent 4), from Rev Dr John Claydon

Luke 1 v 38 'I am the Lord's servant,' … 'May your word to me be fulfilled.'

Luke 2 v19 'But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart.'


Give thanks for
·         the wonder and joy of Jesus (Emmanuel) come amongst us … 'the Word made flesh'
·         the example of those in Scripture and elsewhere who have received God's word and become examples to us
·         the many opportunities to celebrate with God's people, our families and the wider community the wonder of God's love
·         the many blessings and faithfulness of God over the past year


Pray that
·         those for whom Christmas is a difficult time may yet know something of the love, joy and peace of Christ

·         in all our services, events, activities and celebrations we may honour Jesus and point people to him with warmth and clarity
·         we may ponder the deeper reality of what God did 2,000 years ago and the work of His Spirit amongst us now
·         seek the blessing and guidance of God for 2017 in the world, our nation, the church and our own lives.


Emmanuel – God is with us!

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

NBA Prayers for 11th December (provided by Rev Paul Revill)

Mission Opportunities


In the Advent themes we consider John the Baptist this week, preparing the way for people to receive Jesus as Messiah. May our churches be communities that enable others to receive Jesus as Messiah through their life and witness.


Give thanks 

·        For the ministry of evangelists and preachers in our churches who help prepare people to understand who Jesus is and to receive them as their Lord and Saviour.

·        For this time of year where we have some of the greatest opportunities to share the Christian Gospel with those beyond our churches.



·        For our NBA churches' Advent and Christmas services to be mission-focussed, visitor-friendly, and for god to draw many folk to worship with us.

·        For clear proclamation of the Gospel and for visitors to experience the presence of God in worship and prayer in our worship services over the next two weeks.

·        For every church member to make the most of the opportunities we have to explain the 'reason for the season' and the hope in Christ that we have as a result of the incarnation.

·        That the true meaning of Christmas will penetrate more deeply through our society and culture.  Pray for Christians working in schools, universities, the arts and media, politics and other spheres where there are opportunities to communicate the Christmas message.

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

NBA Prayers for 4th December (Advent 2)


from Revd. Roy Searle, one of the leaders of Northumbria Community, Baptist Hub Tutor at Cranmer Hall, Durham and one of the newly appointed Baptist Union National Coordinators for Pioneering and Fresh Expressions.   


·            Each Sunday in Advent focuses on one of the following themes: Hope, Peace, Joy and Love. These words remind us of the gifts Jesus brings to the world. As we ponder and give thanks to God for these gifts let our hearts and minds in prayer imagine what these things might mean for those whom we know and love:

our families and friends….. 

our neighbours….. 

those we work with and others who we spend time with socially…. 

the fellowship we belong to….

the North East…

a divided Britain…. 

an increasingly fragmented Europe….. 

a torn and turbulent world


Name people and places from each of these areas and spend a few minutes holding them in prayer before God.


·            As we remember God's Good News being announced to the shepherds, those who were outside of any religious circles, we pray that the Good News of the Gospel will reach the lives of the vast majority of people outside of any church circle, this Christmas and throughout the coming year. Giving thanks for the newly established training of people for Baptist ministry at Cranmer Hall, St John's College, Durham, we pray particularly for our Baptist students: Dave Etherington at Ushaw Moor, Adam Gray at Whitley Bay, John Cooper at Morpeth and Chris and Caroline Friend at Alnwick. Pray that God will raise up more men and women who will be pioneers and missional leaders here in the North East. The harvest is plentiful but the labourers are few.


·            As the compassion of God is revealed in Jesus, let us pray that in all that we are and all that we do as individuals, churches, and as an Association and Union, we will reflect God's compassion and bring some transforming hope, peace, joy and love to the world.