Wednesday, 24 August 2016

NBA Relay Prayers for week from 28th August - Glendale Crossing Places (Wooler)

"The Greatest Show on Earth", the Rio Olympics, has, as always, given us some fantastic insights into what human beings are capable of. And they symbolise some of the tasks facing Crossing Places, a small but significant rural missional initiative in beautiful Glendale.  This is an area which is struggling economically, socially and spiritually, but has a strong sense of community in which relationships matter greatly.


So, please pray for us as we seek to fulfil our three aims of sowing the gospel (humanity), forming community (discipleship) and serving the Kingdom of God (in the local community).

Community Minister: Rev Bill Eugster

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

NBA Relay Prayers for week from 21st August - Winton United LEP (Cumbria)

Give thanks for:

The recent marriage of one of the oldest members of our fellowship.

The speedy recovery of our Baptist lay minister, Donald, following his recent hip replacement.

The growing willingness of more members of the fellowship to take a more active role within the church.


Pray for:

Our superintendent Methodist minister, Phil, as he steps down from the role this month.

The plans to renovate and remodel our chapel building, with a view to using it more for outreach and to benefit the local community.

Several members of our fellowship who are currently dealing with illness and dementia in family members.

Superintendent Minister: Rev Phil Dew (Methodist)

Baptist Lay Minister: Mr Donald Marston

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

NBA Prayers for 14th August - Baptist Union of Lithuania

The Baptist Union of Lithuania congregations prayer requests:


Ylakiai congregation

So many need prayer, but among our concerns:

1. "The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few". We ask the Lord to call more workers.

2. We thank God for a few awake souls, who are preparing for baptism. For this matter we ask God's leading.

3. We pray for a small group who are approaching and questioning, only visitors at the moment, but who seem to have stopped halfway.

4. We have considerable financial-household concern. It is necessary to repair the church's building's roof, which has served us since 1931. We should do the repairs next year. Certainly, it will not be easy with finances for a small congregation, but we pray God to help find a solution.

5. On 7th August we celebrated 111 years of ministry. Give thanks to God for that witness.

6. For pastor Albertas Latužis (he has cancer) and his surgery later this month.


Visaginas congregation

1. Little boy Slavik, son of our brother from the church, has has got ill with diabetes. He is only 1 year old. Illness proved to be inborn, but it was exposed only now. His parents Večeslav and Liudmila are together with the boy stayed in hospital in Kaunas. They will be trained to do insulin injections and care for the child. We ask for prayer for Slavik's health, and that God would give strength, patience and comfort for the parents.

2. For our pastor Vladimir Stasenko; he has leukemia.


Vilnius congregation

1. For the school in our congregation's building and its leaders and teachers. The school needs more pupils. Pray for increased number and for the wisdom to teach in a Christian way.

2. For the children's day centre settled in our building.

3. For pastor Irmantas Pinkoraitis (he has cancer – Non-Hodgkin lymphona, stage 4); also peace for him and his family.


The Baptist Union of Lithuania

For unity of the Union and for it's growth.



And thank God that there are believers who appreciate the ministry of prayer.

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

NBA Prayers for 7th August - Tryon Evergreen Baptist Association (Texas)

Give thanks for the mission partnership which we have enjoyed with TEBA in Texas over the past few years, especially for the mission teams who have visited NBA churches and boosted our own mission and ministry.

Please pray:

1   For the future of this relationship, as things have gone somewhat quiet over the past couple of years. For wisdom on both our parts as to whether it is worth pursuing this relationship

2   For Roger Yancey, Executive Director of TEBA, as he brings vision and resources to the Association.

3   For the USA at this time of political change with a forthcoming Presidential election.


Wednesday, 27 July 2016

NBA Relay Prayers for the Week from 31st July - South Bank BC (Middlesbrough)

Give thanks for:

A number of recent conversions and baptisms

More and more people becoming involved in the life of the church

A number of new links with people in our community - particularly through a busy food bank


Please pray for:

Our Lunch Box scheme - 50 local schoolchildren coming 3 times a week throughout August for an hour of activities and games and receiving a packed lunch

Wisdom - big decisions need to be made with regards to our building, our children's and youth work, and our leadership structure

Minister: Rev Jon Edwards
Website: (and on Facebook)

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

NBA Prayers for 24th July - Easington Lane IMC

Pray for:


A number of our members who are suffering from ill health and are unable to attend.


Our outreach to the local community and for the groups which a number of our fellowship attend and hold positions of office in those organisations.


We have held a meeting, with a free meal and an after-dinner address, for our members and a non-church friend invited by each member. Pray that we may see some of these people seeking further interest in attending services and otherwise involving themselves with us.


Pray for Future events reaching out to the community


Our August Holiday Club, with an Olympics theme, for local kids


Following a recent Quiz Night, in September we are planning a number of events (including a Vintage Afternoon Tea) to encourage local people to join us on an ongoing basis

Ministers: Syd Grey, Mary Grey. Jan Merton

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

NBA Prayer Relay for week from 17th July - West View BC, Hartlepool

Give Thanks:

For provision for the refurbishment work which has enabled our church building to be fit for purpose, and the ability to continue phase 2, which is well on the way to completion

For the loving fellowship at West View and all those connected with our church

For the privilege of over 60 years of mission on the West View Estate



That we may strengthen and build up our links in the local community

For 'Holiday at Home', 1st to 5th August

For 60th Anniversary - Our Story - reaching out to the community 6th to 11th September

For growth in youth and children's work

For the elderly and infirm of our fellowship

Minister: Rev Tim Hyde